PETER FIRMIN - engraver & printmaker
I have some prints from most editions, varying from
small prints of about 60mm X 100mm to the larger prints
shown on my Homepage and below.
These prints are from engravings on vinyl or linocuts,
 hand-printed on my 1861 Albion Press and 1874 small Albion press
on 100% cotton paper.         
They are available  as unmounted prints.
THE BAGPUSS AND YAFFLE LINOCUTS at the Museum and on line

Vita Sackville-West had written two long poems,
"The Land" & "The Garden", and I suggested combining
them into one volume. The publishers Webb & Bower agreed
to produce it and I was commissioned to do a cover and
about 40 engravings on vinyl. 
The book was published in 1989, and the following year I started
to print  editions of 25 of each of the images.
To order: Email: 
or phone & fax:  01227 471239
post and packing at cost.
Illustrations from "The Land & The Garden"   published by Webb & Bower in 1989. Edition of 25
 THE GARDEN : Long Barn (winter) : £55                              THE GARDEN : Sissinghurst (summer) :£55
Image :   220 mm X 160 mm                                               Image :  220 mm X 160 mm      
THE LAND : Small Animals (spring) £55                                        THE LAND : Haymaking : (summer) £55
 Image : 230 mm X 163 mm                                                          Image : 210 mm X 160 mm      
THE LAND: Harvest Home  100mm X 140mm £35                   THE LAND: The Plough  85mm X  135mm      £35
THE LAND: Ploughing   100mm X 140mm  £35                        THE LAND: Spring Storm   75mm X 115mm £35
THE GARDEN: Medlars & Quince    100mm X 140mm £35         THE GARDEN:The Frog    105mm X 135mm  £35
THE GARDEN: The "Dogfight" 100mm X 130mm  £35           THE GARDEN: The Dead Skylark  75mm X 125mm £25
Small vignettes from "The Land & the Garden"
The Nightingale   40mm X 80mm         £30                                           The Swan      60mm X 100mm      £30
Making Scythes    55mm X 100mm         £30                                   Small Tools      55mm X 100mm            £30
Sheep Shearing   90mm X 50mm £30                                         The Skull & The Poppy       40mm X 70mm   £30
Spring Flowers   65mm X 35mm    £25                                 One Man went to Mow   65mm X 60mm   £25
Following the publication of 'The Land & The Garden' I was
commissioned to illustrate another book about rural England.
This was 'Swanbrooke Down', by Rosamond Richardson, and
used local memories to record life in an Essex village.
Again they were images engraved on vinyl and printed on my
1861 Albion Press.
It was published by Scribners in 1990
Illustrations from "Swanbrooke Down" published by Scribners in 1990
I printed editions of 25 of each in 1992 on Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton paper.
The Ploughman     90mm X 140mm     £35                                  Thatching the Stack       90mm X 150mm      £35
The Potato Cart     120mm X 183mm  £50                     Carol Singers   80mm X 130mm   £45
Arksden Evening     95mm X 145mm         £45                              The Footbridge          105mm X 145mm      £45
The Old Man       70mm X 90mm         £30                                       Gossips        70mm X 95mm           £30
Three Old Men    60mm X 100mm          £35                                     Hand in Hand       60mm X 100mm      £35
The Poacher         65mm X 100mm       £35                                      The Milk Cart     60mm X 100mm         £30
In 2008 I had an exhibition in Whitstable called "Alphabets".
I printed  linocuts of an alphabet of mammals.
I completed the whole alphabet but here are the first six letters.
These are 2 colour linocuts hand-printed in editions of 50 on my 1861 Albion Press on Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton paper. 
A for Anteater                                                                          B for Badger   
prints are supplied
unmounted on paper
280mm X 255mm and
are signed and numbered.
The images are
125mm X 125mm
C for Camel                                                                            D for Dormouse
The prints are £45 each
or any 10 different letters
for £400.
Three complete sets of 26 letters of edition
numbers 5,6,& 7/50
in an artists portfolio are  available at £900
E for Elephant                                                                          F for Fennec Fox
The other mammals are:-
 G for Genet, H for Hedgehog, I for Ibex, J for Jaguar, K for Kangaroo, L for Lemur, M for Marmot, N for Numbat, O for Orang Utan, P for Polecat, Q for Queixada, R for Reindeer, S for Serval,T for Tapir, U for Unau, V for Vole, W for Warthog, X for Xylographer, Y for Yak & Z for Zebra.
POSTCARDS. The set of 26 animals are available as postcards 130mm X 130mm with an image 100mm X 100mm. The set is £30 in a blue box or £25 for the cards, including UK postage.
These postcards of East Coast sailing barges and the tall ships of the Jubilee Sailing Trust are available as a set of five cards at £12 including  UK postage.
 They are from the lino and wood cuts shown on the home page. Cards are 150mm X 200mm.
sailing barges         "Ironsides" &"Repertor"
                                      JST Tall Ships  "Tenacious" &     "Lord Nelson"
"Tenacious at Night"
           Illustrations printed from engravings on
           vinyl for "Folk Tales of Britain".
              Published by The Folio Society, 
             Narratives in 2010 & Legends in 2011.
              Volume 2 of each illustrated by Peter Firmin.
              Volume 1 is illustrated by Hannah Firmin 
              and volume 3 by Clare Melinsky.
              There are 28 illustrations in each volume.
              They vary from quarter page, 70mm X 140mm
              to half page, 125mm X 140mm
              and a frontispiece,the one from
              'Narratives' shown here, of 220mm X 140mm.
             The prints are in editions of 50, signed & numbered.
FRONTISPIECE: The Miser & the Fairies of the Gump              
Black & white - £95         Hand coloured - £125
The Woodman & the Hatchet   70mm X 140mm   £50
The Apple Tree Man.     125mm X 140mm  £55                          
                                                                                                       Chimbley Charlie 120mm X 135mm     £55
Why the Sea is Salt    120mm X 135mm    £55                                   Tattercoats      120mm X 140mm      £55
 Mother Kemp         120mm X 140mm              £55               The Hand of Glory    120mm X 140mm    £65                                                                 
The Ghost with the Golden Casket 125mm X 145mm  £55                Willie Miller        120mm X 140mm           £45
   In 2010 I exhibited some prints at the Horsebridge Gallery in Whitstable called  "Tall Ships & Seashells" in collaboration with my family. This was in aid of the charity "The Jubilee Sailing Trust" which, with its two square-riggers, "Lord Nelson" and "Tenacious", encourages people of all abilities to join as crew on exciting Tall Ship voyages.
 Here are some linocuts including four
 made especially for the exhibition.
 They are all in editions of 50 and are
  signed and numbered.
                                                 Murex Maid  
                                          190mm X 240mm  
                         3 colour lino with wood-grain  
Abalone Dream     Lino &  Woodgrain     195mm X 245mm £78                           
                                                                   Stormy Petrels     2 colour linocut  175mm X 225mm               £78
Old Time                                                                                Ship in a Bottle   
 2 colour linocut        190mm X 240mm             £78                  2 colour linocut       195mm X 240mm         £78
 I have redesigned my vinyl engraving of a cuckoo in the Swanbrook Down book and cut it on boxwood. I have printed a limited edition of 50 on Fabiano Artistico 100% cotton paper. The title refers to a tradition that the first cuckoo is heard on St George's day, the 23rd April. 
                                                CUCKOO April 23   Wood-engraving  Edition of 50 
                                                signed and numbered           90mm X 125mm    £55
Recently I collected together some little vinyl engravings of hares, done some years ago. I have printed an edition of 50 of each. Four are single hares and two are pairs.   I am also showing here another Hare engraving from the "Folk Tales"
                     These hares can be bought as
                     individual images @ £25 each
        2 Hares Running 65mm X 45mm £45                                                 2 Hares sitting 40mm X 65mm £45
"The Easington Hare" is an illustration from  "Folk Tales (Legends)           65mm X 135mm       £60
In 2008 I illustrated the covers of two small books for the Ebury Press.
 They were 'Real Ale' by Bill Laws and 'Pies' by Jane Struthers. 
I have printed a small edition,each is available in brown ink or black ink.
REAL ALE' vinyl engraving   £65  175 mm X 185mm                    'PIES'  vinyl engraving   £65  175mm X 185mm
Here a set of linocuts of our TV characters from the Bagpuss series.           
 They have been given coloured borders. 
The images are 14cm X 12cm, on paper size 27cm X 23cm.
The prints of are available as signed editions at £55 each .

The complete set of five are £250


BAGPUSS : THE BALLET SHOE                                        MADELEINE                                



       YAFFLE in a FLAP                                              GABRIEL the TOAD                                                                                                                                                                 

                                           MUSICAL MICE
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