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Here you will find a selection of my limited edition prints. They are engraved on wood, vinyl or lino, and hand-printed on my 1861 Albion press. I usually print small editions of 25 to 50, and use oil-based inks on 100% cotton paper. ALL PRINTS ARE SIGNED AND NUMBERED
I hope you enjoy looking at my work and if you would like to buy a print contact me by email at or phone 01227 471239.
Here are just a few prints.You will find more images on the "Products" page.
Tallship of The Jubilee Sailing Trust
"Tenacious in Ythion"
420mm X 530mm. Printed black on gold cloth.
Prints @ £165 unmounted
"Tenacious by Night"
Same linocut. Printed black on grey "Somerset" paper.
Prints @ £145 unmounted
Postcards of this image and four other sailing ships and barges
are available on the products page. 
                                                                                       From Swanbrooke Down
 "Bluebird" Linocut with woodblocks. (2007)                                  by Rosamund Richardson,
 400mm X 500mm                                                                  "Essex Village" (Arkesden)                  
  Prints @ £270 unmounted                                                   Hand Coloured Vinyl engraving 190mm X 220mm        
                                                                                         Prints unmounted @ £120 ( black & white @ £95)
East Coast Sailing Barges.
Linocuts with Woodgrain. 700mm X 500mm.  Prints @ £185 unmounted.Edition of 10
    "Repertor"                                                                               "Ironsides"
I have recently exhibited some of my illustrations from Ivor the Engine books and Pinny books, framed in 1" beech. They date from 1977 and are the original artwork in pen and watercolour on illustration board.
I still have some left for sale. Here are two from Ivor.
 You will find more in "products" These two are from "The Foxes" & "The Dragon"
This is how they look framed.
On the left is "FOXES"
pen and watercolour 1982
(frame width 340mm)
£420 incl postage.
On the right is
"Mr Figgin was still bleating"
from Ivor the Engine "SNOWDRIFTS"
pen & watercolour 1977
(image width 200mm)
£475 framed  incl postage
£440 unframed                
This is the cover of one of the Pinny books published by Andre Deutch in 1985. This artwork is for sale framed (but without lettering) for £250.The medium, watercolour on photocopy of a pencil line drawing is to achieve a textured black line. The size of all the images is 200mm X 260mm and the frames are 350mm X 400mm.More can be seen on my contents page.
The other picture is from the first of the series
"Pinny's House" "The Pedlar Doll"  £ 225
"The Land & The Garden" by Vita Sackville-West Published by Webb & Bower, 1989
The following two prints are from eight illustrating the seasons in "The Land" and the seasons in "The Garden" 
Prints @ £55 unmounted         Printed on 100% cotton paper. Image size 220mm X 150mm  Editions of 25                 
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